Over 20 years of experience in technical applications in the
friction, catalysis, electrodes, steel and foundry market.
Cutting Edge
With a unique set of capabilities, we can beat market price, reduce product costs & enhance customer experience. Seeking safety, environment measures and solutions that sharpen our competitive edge.

Via Helou Sourcing & Distribution we exceed customer expectations
through our business experience, from logistics to warehousing goods in
Europe we supply raw material worldwide.

Thanks to our global expertise, BlueStone brings to the market of metals, ferro alloys and special compounds innovative solutions and outstanding functionality and product performance that correspond
to our commitment to quality and reliability.





We Care About Safety

Our main aim is to protect our customers with Innovative Solutions at the most competitive price.

We have the Respect for Nature & its Materials

We use creative solutions to make a positive impact on the planet, manufacturing products that respect the environment.

We Are All About Solid Partnerships

Successful partnerships require trust, transparency and understanding. Focusing on these values, we build strong and long-term partnerships with clients and suppliers. Smart, solid collaborations and partnerships are a must to us.

We Know The Market

With excellent end-to-end logistics we are able to supply the domestic and international market.