Blue Stone Metals invests in the monitoring of the Mergus octosetaceus in the region of Jalapão State Park

Photo 1: Ducks donated by Blue Stone to Naturatins.

In July 2018, Blue Stone sponsored a major expedition in the Jalapão State Park in Tocantins, which covers an area of almost two million hectares and houses one of the populations of the Mergus octosetaceus.

The monitoring of the species in this region requires a war operation due to long distances. This work can only be done by rivers through rafting technique.

For several days, the researchers navigate the rivers, face major rapids in the kayaks, the so-called Ducks, which need to be of a great quality to handle the challenges without any unforeseen events.

With the support of the state environmental agency, Naturatins, a pair of researchers were formed: Marcelo Barbosa (Naturatins) and Alexandre Resende (Veterinarian / Blue Stone), a support team and a television coverage by Terra da Gente team, of EPTV, a subsidiary of Rede Globo, which will develop a program that will be shown this year.

Thinking about continuing the monitoring the of the Mergus octosetaceus in this region, Blue Stone Metals donated two complete Ducks: one for Naturatins and one for researcher Marcelo Barbosa, who has been monitoring the duck since 2008.

“We believe that the Social Responsibility is about doing something more, without any legal obligation, it is to play a role that can be really effective and to help the Biodiversity.” says Veterinarian Dr. Alexandre Resende, responsible for the company’s Environmental Department.

Everyone can follow the expedition through the Youtube channel, sign up!!


Photo 2: Alexandre Resende (Blue Stone Veterinarian) donating the Ducks to the Conservation Unit Manager, Marcelo Henrique Costa Rodrigues.